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Asphalt Road Paving and Maintenance

HOA and Private Road Paving Contractors

Tri-State Asphalt Paving is a fully-licensed asphalt paving contractor in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia, with years of experience paving all sizes of asphalt projects. We proudly work with municipal clients, homeowners associations, and property owners to pave beautiful, long-lasting asphalt roads.

Asphalt Services Our Road Paving Company Offers

Our highly-experienced asphalt paving contractors provide quality paving and repair services. We pave parking lots, asphalt driveways and roads throughout the area. Our services include:

We offer free consultations and estimates, so give us a call today! Our estimates come with a no-hassle, no-obligation guarantee so you can compare quotes with no stress.

Benefits of Asphalt Roads

Asphalt is an affordable road construction option. A proven material for roadways, asphalt is sturdy, reliable, and safe.

Asphalt pavement doesn’t erode or wash away during heavy rains or extreme weather. So, when you need it, it’s there. It holds up to heavy traffic for decades, and is easy to repair and maintain.

Asphalt surfaces provide superior traction and grip for cars. The dark surface of asphalt is also good for melting ice, and contrasts well with line striping.

New Pavement Installation, Resurfacing, and Repairs

New asphalt pavement is a joy to drive on and we’ll help keep your existing paved surface in peak shape.

If your road surface is starting to be uneven and have water pooling, it may be time for resurfacing. Resurfacing removes a thin layer of asphalt from the top, but keeps the sub base layer intact.

Our paving contractors also offer asphalt maintenance services including asphalt repair and seal coating.

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Road Paving Services

Private Road Paving

Asphalt roads are a durable and reliable surface that is perfect for private properties. We are a fully equipped road paving company ready for any size asphalt road paving project you have. Ensuring the proper drainage is installed prevents future issues with standing water, puddling and flooding.

Neighborhood/HOA Paving

We partner with homeowners associations to pave safe, reliable roads for communities throughout TN, NC, and VA. We offer installation, repairs and maintenance for neighborhood roads and parking lots. Our paving contractors are also skilled in asphalt driveway replacement and repair for subdivisions.

Road Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a great option for asphalt roads with uneven surfaces, pooling water, lots of small cracks, or that is simply looking a little worse for wear. Also known as a “mill and overlay” this cost-effective process removes a thin top asphalt layer and lays down a new layer of hot mix asphalt for a completely fresh surface.

Road Repair

We are your partner for all things asphalt! If your existing road has potholes, crumbling, or cracking, call us for a free estimate! Some asphalt repairs we offer are cutting and patching, crackfilling, and more. We repair road damage with long-lasting fixes that restore the smooth asphalt surface of your road and boost resident satisfaction!