Feeling the Fury of Italy: The Angry Italian Restaurant in Bristol 

If Bristol, England has any claim to fame, it is the variety of ethnic cuisines it offers its visitors. The Angry Italian Restaurant is one of the most popular spots to dine on delicious Italian fare. Located in the city center, the restaurant has become a local favorite for its friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and convenient location. The first thing that sets this spot apart from any other Italian restaurant in the city is its intense décor. The walls are adorned with bright reds and yellows, creating an almost fiery vibe in the restaurant. Red and yellow are also echoed in the restaurant’s chairs, placemats, and other furnishings. Even the plates used to serve up the food seem to be ready to burst with the fury of Italian fire. This ambiance will set your appetite on fire, making you prepared to tackle the delicious Italian dishes ahead. Once you take in the air, the next thing that stands out is the hearty food selection. Visit this link for more information.

The menu features classic Italian favorites like Lasagna, Contadino, Gnocchi, and other tomato-rich dishes. For those who are a bit more adventurous, the restaurant also offers some delicious regional specialties like Cacciatore, Fritto Misto, and Seafood Risotto. No matter what your preference, Angry Italian has something to satisfy your inner foodie. When it comes to taste, it’s easy to see why the Angry Italian Restaurant is so popular. The menu can be summed up as equal parts explosive flavor and creative presentation, with some dishes being served atop a bed of fire for extra heat. There’s an outstanding balance between the traditional fare and some of the more creative words, ensuring that everyone in the group can find something to enjoy. Additionally, the portions are generous, and the service is top-notch, making the experience all the more savory. See here for information about Hidden Gems: Mendota Trail’s .