Enjoy Spectacular Outdoor Adventures in Abingdon, VA

Abingdon, Virginia, is an ideal destination for anyone looking to enjoy spectacular outdoor adventures. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and surrounded by the beautiful Virginia countryside, Abingdon offers a wide range of outdoor activities that are sure to excite and delight any nature lover. From breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife to numerous recreational opportunities, Abingdon provides a unique and memorable experience for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature. Learn more here.

Abingdon is the perfect destination for a hiking adventure. With miles of trails, there is something for everyone, from those just beginning to seasoned hikers. Beautiful views of the mountains and valleys can be seen from the tracks, including stunning sites of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Cumberland Gap. Abingdon is also home to the Virginia Creeper Trail, a 34-mile rail trail that follows the path of an old railroad route. Along this trail, visitors can ride a bike, take a horseback ride, or simply hike and explore the area. In addition, the town of Damascus has several mountain biking trails that are perfect for intermediate and advanced riders. With its endless streams and rivers, Abingdon is a great destination for any fishing enthusiast. The area is home to various species, from bass, catfish, and trout, to walleye and muskie. Popular spots in the region include the South Holston River, the New River, and the Watauga River. Those looking for an even more memorable experience can try their luck fly fishing on the Crooked Creek or the Watauga River. Abingdon is an excellent destination for those looking for a unique camping experience. The area is home to several campsites and RV parks, including the Wolf Creek Campground and the South Holston Campground. Both offer a variety of amenities and activities, such as fishing and swimming. In addition, Abingdon is near the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, providing ample opportunities for exploring and camping. Learn more about Discover All Osceola, VA, Has to Offer.