Culinary Delight at Cootie Brown’s: A Bristol, VA Dining Experience

Nestled in the heart of Bristol, Virginia, Cootie Brown’s has become synonymous with delectable cuisine and a vibrant dining atmosphere. Boasting a rich history and a menu that caters to diverse palates, this restaurant has become a beloved culinary destination for locals and visitors alike. Learn information about Bristol, VA.

A History of Flavor:

Established in 1997, Cootie Brown’s has evolved from a small eatery to a dining institution renowned for its innovative approach to comfort food. Inspired by a colorful character from the owner’s childhood, the restaurant’s name reflects its commitment to a unique and memorable dining experience. Discover facts about Discovering Heritage: Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, VA.

Eclectic Menu:

Cootie Brown’s menu is a gastronomic adventure, blending Southern comfort with international flair. From mouthwatering burgers and handcrafted pizzas to fresh salads and seafood dishes, the diverse menu ensures something for every taste. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients adds an extra layer of quality to each dish.

Signature Cocktails and Craft Brews:

The libations at Cootie Brown’s are as noteworthy as the cuisine. With a carefully curated selection of craft beers and signature cocktails, patrons can complement their meals with a drink that perfectly complements the vibrant flavors. The restaurant’s commitment to showcasing regional breweries adds a local touch to the beverage offerings.

A Welcoming Atmosphere:

Beyond the exceptional cuisine, Cootie Brown’s is celebrated for its inviting ambiance. The restaurant’s interior reflects rustic charm and modern aesthetics, creating a comfortable space for friends, families, and solo diners. The outdoor seating area allows guests to enjoy their meals amidst the fresh air and the vibrant energy of downtown Bristol.

Live Music and Events:

Cootie Brown’s goes beyond being a culinary destination by regularly hosting live music events and themed nights. The restaurant’s commitment to fostering a sense of community is evident in these gatherings, creating an atmosphere where guests can savor delicious food and enjoy the local arts and entertainment scene.


Cootie Brown’s in Bristol, VA, stands as a testament to the power of culinary innovation and a commitment to creating memorable dining experiences. With its eclectic menu, inviting atmosphere, and dedication to local ingredients, this restaurant has become integral to the Bristol community’s culinary landscape. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor exploring the city, a visit to Cootie Brown’s promises a culinary journey filled with flavor, warmth, and a touch of Southern hospitality.